Critics' Corner


Well, well, well, the long anticipated Assassin's Creed. Played it, beat it, thought it was great but just one problem: repetition. Now don't get me wrong this is a GREAT game! The graphics are fantastic, the controls are great, and the gameplay is fluid. The storyline is a bit different but after the first couple of missions it starts to make sense. But the repetition is just annoying. The first three missions are great but after that it's the same thing over and over again. The game does try to add some spice to itself with different types of objectives but it falls short. The objectives have all been done before and they usually suck in the other games that have tried it. Now on to a positive note, the graphics. Oh my God! These graphics are so great! I didn't get a chance to play it on my HDTV but even on SD it's something spectacular. The way they lay out the cities and the way they have them looking, perfect! Also, the voice-acting is great! Everything the people say, and how they say it sounds and looks real. The storyline, like I said, is a bit unusual but it works. I think, from the ending, there will be a sequel. In fact, I'd be surprised if there isn't! I won't spoil anything but the way they ended it didn't really answer all the questions and leaves off like the end of a TV show would at the end of the season. The game does take a while to beat, however. If you're like me, you'll want to go for all the side quests (which I did by the way, just to get the achievements) and that will add about 1 to 2 hours of gameplay. The game, without the side quests, will take about 6 to 8 hours to beat. Maybe longer, that's just a estimate. This game is a definite rent but if looks really appealing to you, then definitely buy. Chances are you'd be better off buying it cause you'll probably rent it more than once. Luckily for me, my friend let me borrow his copy. So I'm good there because I'm not going to play it again because I got other games but if it looks really good then buy it. If not, rent it.

-Alex (PDB), Xbox 360 Team

Graphics - 9.5 (sometimes quirky)Story - 9.0 (good but repetitive)Gameplay - 9.0 (laggy and glitchy sometimes)Sound - 8.5 (loud when should be quite sometimes)Verdict: RENT 8.5/10 (only rent because after beaten, nothing to do)


Thank God they got rid of WWII (for now, wait til CoD5)! And thank God the game that strayed away from the dull repetition of war games we are used to was good! Wait...not good...GREAT!! This is by far the best FPS I have ever played! The campaign was great until about the last few missions which started to get repetetive. But overall it was good. The start of the game has you following the British S.A.S. soldier known as "Soap". With Soap, you start out in Russia (I think) or near that area. (All I know was there was snow in the levels!) But anyways you are him for the first couple missions where you are on a wild goose chase to find an Al-Qaeda terrorist. But anways after the first two missions you switch to the good Marines. Where you are with a guy who has a name that I forgot cause it wasn't cool like "Shampoo". But anyways then you do a couple missions with him switching back and forth between Soap. But then something happens, to the Marines guy (won't tell you what because I don't like spoilers but something happens to him) and you're Soap for the rest of the game. Anyways there is a Russian sniping level with Soap later in the game that is (in my opinion) the best level in the game. There is also a very cool and unique level in which you commandeer an AC-130 gunship that is the s***! This is actually the best level with the sniping one coming in at a close second. Overall, with the campaign, it is great and has some nice unique and diverse levels in spots. Overall the campaign alone would give this game a 8.5 or 9.0.

Now I will switch to the best part of this game...the multiplayer! First I want to give a shout-out to pill922 for playing with me online with me, that was a great time and I hope to see you online when I get my hands on my permanent copy. But anyways, the game has great multiplayer and should definitely kicks Halo 3's ass when it comes to most addictive online play and best online play on 360 so far! With a great unique feature called the "Perks System" you can earn (that's right you have to work for it) great abilities such as, throwing a grenade down when you die and getting some important final shots with your pistol to even out the points when you die. These are great and it has the ranking system that we know and love in Halo 3. You also get some challenges to increase your skill with the weapons you use. Not much more to say about it except that it's great! Ok, so once Call of Duty 5 comes out it better have changed to go back to the War in Iraq instead of this crappy WWII genre that got old after CoD2 minus 5 years. But if it is in WWII they better add some of the great features I have come to love in CoD4, especially the online gameplay! So if you haven't played this I higly recommend picking it up for at least a rental but it's definitely worth a buy!

-Alex (PDB), Xbox 360 Team

Graphics - 10

Story - 9.5

Gameplay - 10

Sound - 9.5

Verdict: BUY 9.5

Halo 3 05/11/2008

Finish the fight, finish the fight, finish the fight...shut up already! I finished the fight and although it was fun it's also a big weight off my back! The way they make it sound, they make it seem as if if you don't beat the game that everyone will hate you and that it's a sin. It's just a game people! The campaign mode was alright but the campaign seemed short and the AI seemed terrible on both sides. On enemy AI it's like they can't see you unless you're 3 feet away from them, and on the friendly AI the only thing they're good for is to act as a human shield. The friendly alien is the only guy that can save your life in a firefight. And never, ever let the AI drive! They have no idea where to go and when to stop! Now let's get into Halo's bright spot: multiplayer! The online is amazing! The online is fun even when you have the annoying 10 year-old who thinks that he's the world's best Master Chief. Due to the new mute-on-the-fly feature you no longer have to hear the kid whine because you stole his kill. The only thing that's good about that is that you now know he obviously isn't the are! Also, Forge and Theater are fun but Forge can get old and Theater has it's limits. Why not be able to make cool effects in your videos or pictures like in PGR4? Now that would be cool! And then in Forge it's only fun with no vehicles because other players can easily make yours disappear. Now am I saying that Halo 3 sucks? Hell no! It's a great game and a must have for 360 owners! Am I saying that parts of it could have been better? Yes! All games have room for improvement but I'm going to give this game a 9.0. Haven't played the DLC yet so it might be better.

-Alex (PDB), Xbox 360 Team

Graphics - 9.5

Story - 9.0

Gameplay - 9.5

Sound - 8.5

BUY* 9.0/10
*if you're a Halo fan, rent if not.