Army of two is a 3rd person action shooter for the ps3 and xbox 360.  You start out as two men named Rios and Salem who are private military contractors.  In English their mercs who are hired by the government to do special jobs.    After the first mission you’re treated to a cool trailer that time lines you working for this PMC (private military contractor) called SSC.  I like the premise for being a mercenary yet the overall story isn’t very good and the dialogue is laughable with one character calling you fuck-o several times. 

       This is one game you really need to play co-op instead of single player.  You can play local co-op or co-op over xbox live with a friend.  When playing by your self you pick which character you want to be and the AI controls the other.  The AI For your partner does an okay job of covering your back and holding position.  But when you tell him to heal you he drags you about a mile away from danger besides going around a corner which by that time you’re usually dead. Also when you tell him to run forward he just runs straight at the enemy no flanking or running for cover.  The enemy AI isn’t much better ,enemies will take cover and flank you but then theirs enemies that run straight at you and sometimes right by you.  If you play with the AI though the whole game instead of playing with a friend you’ll have a drastically different experience.


            The co-op mechanics are simple awesome.  When you “die” you fall down and sit up on the ground and your partner needs to drag you to cover to heal you.  While your being dragged you can shoot at enemies and so can your partner.  You can pick up riot shields and slow walk forward while your ally shoots.  You can also give you partner daps, give him a high five or a pound it.  This is something that gives the characters a little personality.  You can take cover in a sense were you duck behind cover and shoot over a ledge but your never actually attached to it.  This is one linear game were your hand is guided though open space but you have to eliminate a seemingly endless amount of enemies to continue.  But what is cool is that there are certain objectives you can do for a bonus sum of cash kind of like the game Mercenaries.  One very annoying thing that pissed me off every time was when you come to a door to proceed to a next small part of the level their was when you come to a door there’s  cut scene were it shows you kicking the door open then theirs another loading screen.  Loading screens are plenty and long some as long for 40 seconds!  Mid-mission you can buy weapons form special weapon dealers from around the world.  You carry a primary, secondary, special and grenade weapons that aren’t all that satisfying to shoot.  Yet all the guns in the game are fully upgradeable which includes, bigger clip, putting shields on guns, better stocks ,You can also buy face masks and new armor.  Luckily when you get up-close to an enemy you get to perform a very satisfying melee kill. 

You either head but a guy (with your metal mask), kick him in the head, choke slam etc.  Agro is what Army of Two is all about.  Theirs an agro bar on your hud and agro is the more you shoot the more enemies pay attention to you while your partner becomes practically invisible.  There are some enemies you have to use agro to kill heavily armored guards.  But you end up letting  your partner stay back behind cover full on agro while you flank your enemy over and over.         

            Army of two is a pretty good looking game if you ignore enemy models.  The enemy models all look mostly the same and their faces look really fake.  The cut scenes look great and are actually enjoyable. 

            The multiplayer is a after though with four maps and three game modes.  There are vehicles in the multiplayer that aren’t in the single player but besides that multiplayer is pretty much single over xbox live. 

            Army of two has some great Co-op concepts that execute rather nicely yet poor AI, shallow single player experience (co-op is a must for this game),a very disappointing final boss and boring multiplayer stop this game form being great.



GamePlay-8(in co-op),6(in single player)




Pill92-Editor, Xbox360 team