Halo 3 05/11/2008

Finish the fight, finish the fight, finish the fight...shut up already! I finished the fight and although it was fun it's also a big weight off my back! The way they make it sound, they make it seem as if if you don't beat the game that everyone will hate you and that it's a sin. It's just a game people! The campaign mode was alright but the campaign seemed short and the AI seemed terrible on both sides. On enemy AI it's like they can't see you unless you're 3 feet away from them, and on the friendly AI the only thing they're good for is to act as a human shield. The friendly alien is the only guy that can save your life in a firefight. And never, ever let the AI drive! They have no idea where to go and when to stop! Now let's get into Halo's bright spot: multiplayer! The online is amazing! The online is fun even when you have the annoying 10 year-old who thinks that he's the world's best Master Chief. Due to the new mute-on-the-fly feature you no longer have to hear the kid whine because you stole his kill. The only thing that's good about that is that you now know he obviously isn't the best...you are! Also, Forge and Theater are fun but Forge can get old and Theater has it's limits. Why not be able to make cool effects in your videos or pictures like in PGR4? Now that would be cool! And then in Forge it's only fun with no vehicles because other players can easily make yours disappear. Now am I saying that Halo 3 sucks? Hell no! It's a great game and a must have for 360 owners! Am I saying that parts of it could have been better? Yes! All games have room for improvement but I'm going to give this game a 9.0. Haven't played the DLC yet so it might be better.

-Alex (PDB), Xbox 360 Team

Graphics - 9.5

Story - 9.0

Gameplay - 9.5

Sound - 8.5

BUY* 9.0/10
*if you're a Halo fan, rent if not.