If you enjoyed 2006’s Rainbow Six Las Vegas  there aren’t any surprises here.   There is a new A.C.E.S system which rewards you for every special type of kill (killing an enemy using a rope, head shots, close quarter kills).  You gain experience for these special kills which earn you new weapons, camo and amour.  Yes now you can customize your amour and clothes with about 20 types of camo.  It’s a bit disappointing not to be able to start with all your favorite weapons but having to unlock them makes sure you don’t get tired with the 30 so weapons available to you.

            Now the character you create for single player is carried over to multiplayer which feels identical to the first Vegas.  There are 12 new maps but it’s almost impossible to find a solid server.  Vegas 1 had these connectivity problems and you would think they would have fixed it the second time around; hopefully a patch of some sort will be issued.  2 new adversarial modes have been added but if you’re a multiplayer veteran you should appreciate the new maps more.  Now the maps are new in theory but several of them are from the Pc game R6 Raven shield, so their recycled maps.

            Now if this your first time playing a rainbow six game you need to prepared for the different ways of assessing certain situations.  You control two rainbow members and you can have them storm a room, smoke a room, grenade a room etc.  You can have them use sound suppressers and only shoot when being shot at.  Controlling your squad is a bit difficult at time because they get stuck on the environment and they some time don’t respond.  Something that’s new to the squad mechanics is now you can point our places were you want you squad to throw smoke or grenades.  The problem is you and your squad throws grenades about a foot in front of yourselves.  Weapons are still very satisfying to shoot and sound realistic.    
    Fire fights are still exciting and the environments you visit are great.  The story like the first one is forgettable it gets to the point were it is “look for this guy here”.  The campaign starts you out in France 5 years before Vegas 1.  It’s strange why they choose to go back in time but it’s still enjoyable to play.  Even with these flaws you won’t find a better tactical shooter on the360.  



Game play- 9





Pill92-Editor,Xbox360 team





04/03/2008 15:01

Good review. Good format. Nice job!

04/06/2008 11:26

Same! Its a pretty good review


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