Critics' Corner


God of War Chains of Olympus is a prequel to the incredible popular ps2 hit God of War 1 and 2.  Ready at dawn the guys behind Dexter for the psp bring us this great yet lacking latest god of war game.              You are quickly throw right into the middle of your kingdom being invaded by a Enormous Persian army and this is pretty much a tutorial level showing new comers to the God of War universes.   The only mode per say is the short yet sweet single player that the definition of linear.  The game is so well made that you can over look the linear experience unfortunately the story mode clocks in at a measly 6 to 7hour depending on what difficulty.  Once you beat the game you unlock missions were the objective is to kill certain amount of enemies a certain amount of times but this is more of a novelty than a real experience.  You can also replay the single player with all of the equipment that you beat the game with, you also unlock 2 harder difficulties so the upgraded equipment is a nice bonus.              The combat is nearly identical to the ps2 versions yet this is a good thing.  You have light attacks, heavy attacks, graps, and of course crazy blade of chaos combo’s.  Later in the game you get magic along with a new melee weapon but you always fall back to the blades.  The blades are two chains that have metal “knives” on the ends that Kratos swings around is head impaling his enemies.  If you deplenish a big monsters health you can activate a instant kill by pushing a string of buttons for a gruesome finishing move. There are red, blue and green orbs that you earn from killing monsters and from opening crates.  The red orbs go towards upgrading you weapons and magic abilities, the blue orbs go towards you mana (use for magic) and the green orbs are for your health.  To open chests and doors you have to tap “o” button as fast as you can, this gets little annoying after your first 5 chests. 
When fighting bosses there are a long list of contact sensitive moments you have to perform to achieve victory.  Boss fights are defiantly the highlight of the game yet theirs is only a small hand full of them.  The first boss you fight you fight several times in different parts through out the level and he almost takes up the whole screen.  You also encounter several puzzles that amount to nothing more than pushing statues and pulling levers but they break up the constant combat rather nicely.  Some times though the game throws to many enemies at you that it just gets annoying.  This doesn’t mean the game is super hard but some times they throw 2 orgs at you and then 9 little enemies and 8 ferries.  But if you level up your weapons enough this shouldn’t be a problem. 
            Graphically this is the best looking PSP game to be made so far.  Environments are crisp and detailed and the lighting is well done.  Enemy’s models usually look similar but they look rugged with their detail.  Magic effects are nicely done and orbs flowing out of chests look good.  To sum up the visuals they look almost identical to the ps2 versions of God of War.              The sound is top notch with ancient Greek music flaring up right at the right time.  The voice work is top notch but every word Kratos says is in a high pitch bellow which makes it laughable when he try’s to ask a question.              All in all God of War is the best psp title that money can buy.  It isn’t the next God of war game in the sense that it doesn’t do anything new but for every else  its great.



Game play-9



Pill92,Editor,Xbox 360 team