Critics' Corner


    Amp Overdrive is a cherry flavored version of the regular energy drink Amp.  Amp overdrive is made by the guys who brought you the delicious “Sperm killing” beverage Mountain Dew.  Over drive is essentially mountain dew code red with more caffeine and a little more of a sugary flavor.  Drink this drink slow fellas as the caffeine in it can make your heart beat un-usually fast, so it’s best consumed while eating a meal or slow sips.  But the low price of $2 and its great taste make this one of the best energy drinks out their.

  Flavor: Great blend of cherry and mountain dew 4/5
Can Graphics: 3.5/5

Amount of Caffeine: A lot! Great for lan parties 4/5

Cost: $2 for a big drink! 4/5

  Buy 4.5/5

Pill92 editor