Critics' Corner


Johnny Was stars Vinnie Jones (Snatch, Lock stocked and two smoking barrels) and Eriq La Salle(ER-Peter bennton).  Johnny has mysterious past that he’s trying to run away from so he movies into an apartment building with a Rastafarian DJ (Lennox Lewis) and junkie neighbor (Samantha Mumba).  Here he lays low living life one day at a time until one day at the market he runs into his ex-partner who has recently broken out of jail.  It turns out mr. Johnny used to be with a revolution group that used to bomb certain locations in London.  Now Johhny has to face his past and stop running to put an end to it. Vinnie Jones gives a great performance and so does Eriq La Salle but the other Actors are just average.  This is a great movie for fans of British drama with attitude and for any one who likes drama movies.

8.5 BUY  
-pill92,editor and reviewer for xbox360team