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Meet the Staff

Meet the guys that call Themselves reviewers

position:Creator,Editor, reviewer for xbox360 team
Favorite genre:FPS,RPG,FIGHTING,Action/Adventure
 I'm playing:ROCKBAND,God Of War: Chains of Olympus


Alex (pspdemoboy52)
Position: Reviewer for Xbox 360 Team and PSP Team, News Team
Favorite Genre: FPS, Action/Adventure, Some RPGs
I'm Playing: GRAND THEFT AUTO IV (360), CALL OF DUTY 4 (360), FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 (360)

Name: Manuel (Picablo)
Position: reviewer for Xbox360 team and news team
Favorite Genre: RPG, Sports Sims, Driving
Currently Playing: CoD4, GH3, Splinter Cell: Double Agent


position:Reviewer for the ps3
genre = good games
games playing = The Witcher (pc), Orange box (ps3), Guitar Hero (ps3)
Contact:click on his picture